[news] Henry Lau's Message on EUPHONIC 090920

Just wanted to let you all know i got the package!
The necklace looks great!
The notepad is very ‘mind freeing’ hehe
The booklet is just AMAZING… ( i have no idea how u all put that together … wow) ^^
The shirt is… a little big hehe JK it looks great!
and Kristine’s lookn great in the picture!
*hope i mentioned eveyrthing!

I’ve wanted to leave a post on euphonic for a long time but now that I’ve received the ID n pass…I got around to finally doing it! btw…it took me quite some time to find it!
Well, tHank you all for all your love and support! Please continue to support suju and especially suju m!

You have all made my birthday a very happy one!
-much love


cr: euphonic.co.nr; sapphirepearls

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  1. xSafyahx says:

    aww thats cute. was it originally written in english?

  2. Anonymous says:


    i think so....english is his main language...

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