[NEWS] Korean Entertainment Weekly Star: Jung Yunho! Head Towards the Goal

This week’s star is Dong Bang Shin Ki’s leader Jung Yunho, who had just debuted as an actor. “Heading to the Ground” that aired last 9th of September is a drama that he has put a lot of effort into; no matter if it’s a success or a failure, he has put in all his very best to complete it. No matter how low it started, as long as you live to the fullest, somehow it will be successful. This is what Yunho himself has experienced, and it’s also a message he wanted to deliver to everyone through Cha Bong Gun.

After his debut a few years back, Yunho has always been a singer, who has now finally stepped into the acting field. He admitted that his feeling is exactly the same as his name in the drama; “Cha Bong Gun,” passionate yet uneasy. “I’m a daring person. There isn’t a thing that I’m afraid of, so this is a good name.” As a singer, he already achieved status as the top Asian group in Asia with Dong Bang Shin Ki, and as a beginner in the acting field which he is not familiar with, he is humble and had to start from scratch. His hard work and passion for acting is admirable. He once had a conversation with the producer of his drama that lasted for 6 hours when he was away in Japan, and also on the filming location. All these had shown how much effort he had put into his debut drama.

In “Heading to the Ground,” Cha Bong Gun is a lively youth who is passionate about soccer, and keeps fighting hard towards his dream. This drama is filled with laughter and tears, and is a fantasy yet reality series. The strong willpower and fighting spirit are what Yunho wanted to express the most. His first taste in acting has brought him the excitement that he has never experienced before. Even if he reaches home late from filming, he’s still looking forward in going to the filming location the next day. Recently, Yunho had almost become Cha Bong Gun, and surprised himself whenever he ‘behaved’ like the character from the drama unknowingly.

To date, the most memorable scene to Yunho is the one where he had to jump right into the 5-meter deep river. That refreshing yet shocking emotion is what he remembers, since if not for the filming, he would never have had the chance to do something like that. Therefore, it can also be considered as a special experience he gained from being an actor. Life is full of challenges, similar to “Heading to the Ground.” “Through filming, I had learned the pain in growing up, just like getting taller. Therefore, wait until the last episode. I might have grown up with Cha Bong Gun!” “Heading to the Ground” is not only a series where he can share with his family and friends, but also a ‘documentary’ of Yunho’s growth.

Lately, Dong Bang Shin Ki is in the midst of a lawsuit, but Yunho stated that the relationship among members was not affected by it. All members have supported him in his acting debut with encouragement. “Changmin already called me ‘Actor Jung.’ Jaejoong has also jokingly asked me, ‘Show me your script ah~?’ (laugh)”

Jung Yunho is an undeniable youth. Ever since he stepped foot onto the entertainment industry, his life, his thoughts and everything about him, have unavoidably become public. He has lived his life under a spectacle, care from others, and at the same time, criticism from people. He is always curious about strangers and meeting them. “Living in this industry, seeing something new and meeting someone new are normal. Only when seeing someone who is not interested in Dong Bang Shin Ki can I become the real Jung Yunho.” He has never thought of himself as a shining superstar, and he has always kept his innocent and pure self. He wanted to do things a normal person could, not minding all the eyes around him. If given the chance, he always wished that he could spare the time to help out his friends tidy up their houses Only that way can he really feel that he is living, something that he can never feel normally. “Guess that’s the real me?”

To the members of Dong Bang Shin Ki, he is the reliable leader; to fans, he is an elder brother whom they can pour their hearts into; to others, he is still the young man from Gwangju. His feelings towards his hometown are deep. He would visit whenever he had a vacation, because that is where he started, and because it is the source of his strength. “Every single characteristic found in me is the result of Gwangju.” His responsible character started from his youth; whenever he failed, he would think that is all due to his weak points. Disliking halfheartedness and putting his best in everything is the only way to keep things in control, not messing up.

Yunho’s father is someone important, and he has influenced him in becoming a prosecutor. His father, who had always woken up at dawn for work, has not changed one bit, always giving the tired Yunho encouragement and support. From these, it can be said that Yunho will be someone who cares for his family. The rest will not be a problem, as long as he can be with someone he likes, and as long as he never expects much from her. As for his love for kids, this is something that everyone has known for a long time.

In the past, whenever he had the time, he would attempt to do all the things that he had planned for, which had slowly become a habit. Because there are so much things he wanted to do, he would normally get more tired than being at work. However, that’s something that he had to keep his mind on. For example, would he still have the energy needed for performing after his vacation. The actual purpose of his vacation is for the sake of his future work. From this, we can see that he has become much more responsible in terms of his work.

Once, he had the dream to become an upright prosecutor, but he had accidentally become an entertainer. He had commented that his character doesn’t really fit into the circle of entertainment. He personally prefers to gather with his friends outside this circle, than partying with other artists. Other than work, he has always fought hard to draw a line in between, in search of the real him.

Source: Sina
Translations: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ

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    i always thought of him as someone very serious, being a leader that is. Hope he'll have more succcess in the future. Stay happy YUNHO!!!

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