[NEWS] “Mom’s Here”, HyunJoong’s Parents Fly to Japan to Take Care of Their Son

In order to take care of her precious son, Kim Hyun Joong’s mother immediately flew to Japan to take care of her son the moment the news came out.

After hearing that her son needs to be treated for more than half a month, Kim Hyun Joong’s mother immediately boarded the plane and rushed to Japan to accompany him.

SS501’s management company said, “Because Kim Hyun Joong’s parents’ were really worried, so they immediately flew to Japan to be with him, and will be taking care of him for the next half month.” Currently, Kim Hyun Joong’s condition has stabilized, but the hospital is predicting that the length of his treatment will be longer than previously predicted, hence increasing fans’ worry.

With regards to the current situation, their management company in Japan and Kim Hyun Joong’s personal manager have always been by his side accompanying him, as well as checking up on his situation every second. “His fever has gone down greatly after taking Tamiflu, actually after we arrived we realized that his condition has improved greatly from before. Currently Hyun Joong is concentrating on recovering, and hopes to recover his health quickly.”

Source: Sportshankook.co.kr
Translations: SS5014ever @ WS501|quainte501

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  1. Zie says:

    Hyun Joong Hwaiting!

  2. Anonymous says:

    He worked so hard and had less rest, so should need more time for him to recovery and rest...

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hyun Joong oppa hwaiting!
    all of us will be ther for u always!!
    pls recover soon!!
    i'll be waiting for you
    at your concert in SG during

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