[NEWS] ShinDong “I Plan To Diet Again”

At 2PM on September 10th, FTTS’s Brian, SJ’s ShinDong, SS501’s Kim Hyungjoon and 2AM’s Jokwon have had a MC interview at SBS conference room for their new SBS environment protection show “Find it ! Green Gold”.

The four said “We are environment protectors G4 (Green 4)” and through the show, they want to learn about the importance of environment and thus, they can practice those knowledge in their daily life.

ShinDong said “Teenagers and kids after watching us will be able to do like in the show too” and “I hope that the kids will have more knowledge about environment later on”

ShinDong also talked about his plan to diet again “Through this chance, I want to start my diet plan again. In fact, the last time I lost 20kg but I had gained it back”. He said “Although the environment and diet doesn’t have any relations at first sight but surprisingly, they have many relations in terms of content, because of the show, I have to ride bike and travel a lot… so PDnim had decided that water, bike and some matter with a relation to diet will be subject of the show, thus I plan to be loose weight again”

It is known that drinking enough water and riding bike are good method to loose weight, but ShinDong also said “I haven’t made a final decision on whether to diet yet, but once I decide to do, I will let the fans know for sure”

The 1st episode will be aired at 6.25PM on September 14th.
Source: Naver + Newsen + Eto
Translations: evanesco@sj-world

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