[news] New Allegation: YG accused of Plagiarism on Dara's Kiss to Sean Kingston's Take you there?!?

Enough Is Enough YG! [New Allegation]

Who would have thought that yet another track from YG Entertainment would be accused of plagiarism this week? Up on the chopping block this time is 2NE1’s Sandara Park and her solo single “Kiss” feat. CL. Netizens have begun to say that this recent track is another case of YG plagiarism from a Western artist, this time from Sean Kingston’s “Take You There“. They say this section of Park’s song is plagiarized- “Love is Dangerous / Your eyes are so poisonous / now shaking Two of us / But we just feel so good”.

Look, I don’t know what’s going on with the producers or the netizens or Mr. YG himself; but something needs to change if Kpop ever hopes to be taken seriously on the world stage. I’m not writing this to say whether I think these new allegations are solid or not; because in the end it will be Sony’s decision. But, I do think chief executive producer Yang Hyun Suk should think about hiring some new producers to avoid these “incidents” in the future.

Sean Kingston’s “Take You There”

Sandara Park’s “Kiss” ft. CL

credits: vixenvarla @ Seoulbeats; kathzZz09, sosodef100 @ Youtube

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  1. Anonymous says:

    too much is too much..

  2. Anonymous says:

    what the?!
    i think its not the same

  3. Anonymous says:

    are you guys deaf? 1 or 2 seconds of the same beat are not enough to accuse the whole song of plagiarism! my god! clean those ear wax!

  4. Anonymous says:

    KOREA is GAY GAY GAY =)) it's really too much, go to the hell!

  5. Anonymous says:

    ummm wth those two songs do not sound alike

  6. Anonymous says:

    With all the songs out there... It really makes a really high probability that two different songs may sound somehow alike but why get to the point saying that it's plagiarism. Again, this is immeasurable by logic,and the collective judgement as a whole won't really be unanimous. They are just on the ecstacy of the Gdragon plagiarism issue, cmon guys why can't you move on with your life. It's just really unfair because I have heard songs which sound really alike and artists singing such songs don't really make a fat issue out of it. This is too lame to be called plagiarizing...

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. anonymous 6:05.. no .. i dont think YG will go down.. i think those pointing fingers and accusing them are the ones who ARE GOING DOWN!!! you know... they can sue people of LIBEL with all these accusations ... but theyr not .... so yey for them!

  9. Anonymous says:

    YG should stop this! even if they don't plagiarized, they should end up making their own beat and music. tell the netizens that they're different. only YG is being accused of plagiarism thesedays. we hardly hear other company plagiarize. MAKE YOUR OWN BEAT YG FOR YOUR ARTIST'S FUTURE!

  10. Anonymous says:

    they do sound alike at certain parts

  11. Anonymous says:

    If YG did plagiarize, the original composers should be the first one to point it out. Instead the original composers don’t even care, yet its the netizens and antis that insist he plagiarized and blows it out of proportion. The original composers should be the ones making a fuss, yet its the netizens and anti’s whom I’m sure most, if not all, are not even music experts, and yet they try to talk as if they know all about music when its just purely their opinion.

    YG has been ACCUSED of plagiarism in the past, but they were never CONVICTED…because they didn’t plagiarize, that’s why the original composers didn’t sue them, its only the stupid netizens and antis that keeps insisting that they “plagiarized” when obviously they didn’t because they haven’t gotten sued for a single song!

    “Oh it sounds similar to so-and-so…” ppl complain, yet the original composers themselves don’t even carry out any action against it, so therefore they must agree that its not plagiarize.

    Netizens and anti’s should just let the original composers worry about if its plagiarize or not. If they think its plagiarize, they’ll deal with it, they don’t need the help of netizens and antis. Just because one song is THOUGHT to be plagiarize, they try to compare all the songs to another one and try to think of similarities, trying to start shit.

    If you look hard enough, you will find one or two songs that resemble one another. But ppl should let that be handled by music experts and stop trying to pass their OPINIONS as FACTS

  12. Anonymous says:

    if you really have an ear for music. nearly every song can be related to another. ever since the first plagiarism accusation, people have been all over YG. people analyze every millisecond, every note of their songs. I feel bad for them because there are SOOO many songs in K-pop that sound similar to others but they all fly under the radar.

  13. Anonymous says:

    com'on man..get a life..i've heard so many english song that has similar beat with other song..but they never complained...whatever..its the individual choice to listen to the song they like..whether its original or not..lol..!

  14. Anonymous says:

    it doesn't even sound like it. there could be a beat or two that is similar but honestly, it doesn't matter. people are over-thinking things and calling things "plagiarism" left and right. it really is becoming too much now.

  15. Anonymous says:

    where did you guys get this article? is it posted by some netizen/anti? seems like it. Its getting so boring now...please come up with something new

  16. Jaz says:

    ignore those antis and netizens.They have so much free time.I dont think that ALL of the songs in this world there aren't any who are similar for like 1 to 2 lines.ISNT, Plagiarism is suppose to be the whole freaking song and beat and not just a few seconds?.If it is like this, plagiarism occurs in almost all of the artist.

  17. Anonymous says:

    This "article" sounds so biased, I'm not even a 2ne1 fan and I feel offended for them, the language this person used and the way they phrased their sentences just makes me want to slap them. At 7:18 pm, you've gotta a good point

  18. Anonymous says:

    annoying! Dogs are everywhere and they bite, they bark everytime. Don't know why they like to point YG's songs. Korean try to kill their fellow-citizen although there were too many artists in their country killed themselves becoz of cruel comments, i feel sorry for them to have been artists in korea. We never know the truth behind thoses news on the internet, but many people act and criticize as if they are insiders, it's terrible. I don't know who is right, but i'm sure that sooner or later, those who did bad things to others will have to pay a heavy price for their behaviour. I just do have belief in YG family and no more anthing.
    I wonder what happened with the author, ur last comment is unnecessary, it looks like that u are blaming on YG, there's nothing clearly but u said that YG should hire new producers? To me, they don't need to do that.
    Thanks for posting news for everyone to read and update information, but it's better when u show correct things.

  19. Anonymous says:

    A blog post based on biased opinions. A day(or perhaps daily) of kpop rants is what. A pity.

    Such plagiarism accusations are doings of bitter sore-losers desperately trying to feed on the success of YG.

    Plagiarism is 'copy and paste'... did they? no.

  20. Anonymous says:

    ^I agree, YG does not need new producers, Teddy is great! All the music he composes are such big hit, antis and netizens are the ones with issues, not teddy...YG would be gravely mistaken if they let teddy go...which I know they won't do because they are a family. YG family Hwaiting!

  21. Super Junior~ says:

    How are the songs even similar? Lol netizens really have nothing to do

  22. Anonymous says:

    Aw, come on..!! Leave them alone already..

  23. Anonymous says:

    tis is weird. isit the same? if its the same beat for a few times. go on n look hard then. k-netizens r so fussy. look at how many BILLIONS OF SONGS in the whole world! if k-netizens r so fussy, y dun they try composin their own songs then? trying to accuse of plagiarisation is just a waste of time. u dun even haf any life!

  24. Anonymous says:

    AAHHHHhh.....STUPID NITIZENS!!!!....y does this people keep on making foolish issues!!!...

  25. Anonymous says:

    do they know what's the definition of PLAGIARISM???? idiotic ppl..

  26. Anonymous says:

    Why issit always YG? WHy cant it be the others? Why do people just love to pick on YG?

  27. Anonymous says:

    wait. i always thought daily k pop was a site that updates me on news, not opinions. when did it become a biased site? no wonder i like getting my news from allkpop.com more (they inform rather than slam korean artists). this is the first time i've seen an article written solely from a biased perspective. let me correct that. a negative biased perspective.

  28. Anonymous says:

    by the way i'm not blaming the poster. i'm blaming the source.

  29. Anonymous says:

    what the f*.
    its not plagiarism, u morons !! pls listen intently, its not even alike.
    oh man.
    shi*, the source of this sure dont know wat is plagiarism.
    now, why dont they criticize Mariah Carey's song STANDING O'. its quite similar to IN THE CLUB.
    BUT (a major BUT), we cant call it plagiarism.
    its the same as other accusations, TEDDY PARK's view is true/fact.
    anyways i dont get it, allkpop have been biased too, thats why i used to visit this site, & now? this is the case.
    whoever did this accusations, ul better be alert if YGE proved to be innocent.

  30. Anonymous says:

    u know wat?
    in this tym, im just thinking.
    they accused plagiarism to YGE songs (w/c is famous now), and the other songs (i min the, Right Round, Just Go, etc) haha its like a strategy for that songs to be famous too.
    wat i min is, their trying to pull down YGE & it is now soo abusive.
    & now Dara's song KISS, oh man,
    if u just say its similar to TAKE YOU THERE, i dont even know wat part is similar.
    then u say the last part of KISS, i listen to it very intently & nothing occured to me that its the same in Sean Kingston's song.

  31. Anonymous says:

    think about this guys,
    when u first heard KISS(in the very first release), did it have similarities in "take you there"???,
    i mean, wen u first heard KISS, did u remember some songs w/ similarities?
    for me. NO! and i definitely think that KISS is originally composed. (by TEDDY)
    so plagiarism issue is not true at all. for pete's sake. DKP, wats happening?
    is this an anti-YG site? a dog site?

  32. Anonymous says:

    haiish . those idiotic antis have really nothing better to do ? and why do they keep accusing YGE ? i think they are lyk baised to other Ent. -.- YGE is original and we all know that ! because of some stupid issue that make people think that YGE is a piagiarism company -.- hey people , to me those songs are not even similar and if it is it's only lyk a few freaking secs . and that's not even plagiarism -.- YGE HWAITING !

  33. Anonymous says:

    there is some similarities , like the drum-roll thingy?
    it sounds alike. but, well what can we do right ?
    heh , :D

  34. Anonymous says:

    "drum-roll thingy"? there are alot of songs that have a similar "drum-roll thingy." stop analyzing every freaking second and trying to make up lies, both songs are great so just enjoy the music instead of trying to pick it apart.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I couldn't find the similarity I swear. Maybe I'm getting deaf.

  36. Anonymous says:

    ^no, there is not much similarity

  37. Anonymous says:

    YG doesn't need another producer...
    i think it's your site that needs a new writer...

    i'm getting bored with this plagiarism thing...people says they plagiarized but the only evidence they got is these YT clips saying they sounded the same...

    show other proofs bitches!!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    ok WHERE was that part that was "plagarized"????
    seriously this plagarism stuff is getting boring and stupid
    those anti-fans just shut up aabout this stuff
    wut do you expect the companies to do about it??
    god grow up you guys
    and dara sings SOOOOOO much better than sean kingston

  39. Anonymous says:

    ^ lol
    i thought that too.
    i min, so wers the part thats plagiarize? haha
    i knew Take You There song even before, & wen KISS was released, i dont immediately think of it. it is becoz KISS is original.
    now, this accusation, haha who did this???
    if u pass this to SONY (or whoever not biased), they will just make fun of this. or maybe even saying thats the one who create the issue is a deaf person. hahahha
    oh man, get a life haters.

  40. Anonymous says:

    i don't think this is plagiarized..

    way too different!


  41. Anonymous says:

    mmhh when you play the two songs together, the background music is sort of the same tune.. im not in favor of the pros and cons... im just being objective.

  42. Anonymous says:

    its the netizens who makes this worst

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