[news] Tohoshinki Discusses Secret to Success

Idol group Tohoshinki members JEJUNG and YUCHUN has been performing as a duo for a limited period! On September 30th they will release a single titled ‘COLORS~Melody and Harmony/Shelter’! The two composed and arranged the songs themselves. The songs feature simple yet beautiful harmonies that will be easy for fans to remember and sing along. A Japanese women’s magazine interviewed the two artists!

――Do you have any advice on how to sing the songs harmoniously in karaoke?
“Tohoshinki songs should be easier for women to sing. When trying to sing in harmony one person just has to sing two keys lower than the main vocals.” (JEJUNG)
“Practice hard until you can create a single melody instead of singing two separate ones.” (YUCHUN)

――Both of you look more mature than your age. That makes you all the more attractive.
“Who? Us?? Do I look that old?” (JEJUNG)

――No, since both of you are so polite and neat, you look very appealing.
“Oh, I see. But are you sure I don’t look old?” (JEJUNG)

YUCHUN has recently gotten into a habit of rising early. JEJUNG told the reporter that he was easing stress by singing karaoke. One of the keys to their success must be their ability to manage stress and lead a healthy life.

source: music japan Plus

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