[news] 'No Limit' Park Cheol-min, I wonder if I had U-Know's passion when I was his age

Volunteers to be U-Know's acting coach on set; U-Know's passion surprises him

"I can't help wondering if I was as passionate as U-Know when I was his age".

Accomplished veteran actor Park Cheol-min volunteered to be U-Know's acting coach while on set.

Park Cheol-min is CEO Hong Sangmin of a sports agency, a bit of an oddball with a talent for finding diamonds in the rough.

He partners up with Haebin (Ko Ah-ra) in order to get Cha Bonggun (U-Know) signed onto a professional team.

Park Cheol-min says regarding U-Know, "Honestly I didn't know he was a member of the group Dong Bang Shin Ki. [...] He made quite a first impression on me when he greeted me enthusiastically with a bright and energetic smile".

Park says the rookie actor U-Know stimulates him. He's always the first one to step up and try anything, and he gets along well with the crew, blending in naturally like a member instead of just an actor.

"It's U-Know's first time acting, but I see real potential in him. He's like a sponge and he doesn't miss a single word of advice from those more experienced. [...] He's so down-to-earth, I couldn't help wondering if he really was a huge star in Asia".

Park helps Jeong out with the small details of acting. When Park tells him what's awkward, U-Know writes it down and later records himself with his manager's camera. Then he checks his acting yet again.

Park Cheol-min showed real support for Jeong. "He has the foundation and real potential. [...] I'll keep helping him out and being a close friend without pressuring him too much".

cr: MBC24TV via HanCinema

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