[news] Soymilk Does a Body Good

Well, just take a look at Super Junior M and you’ll know what I mean.

Hankyung (aka Hangeng as he is known in China), Donghae, Henry, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Zhou Mi and Ryeowook were looking pretty good for their first performance of their new current single, “Supergirl”, which they performed at the China Bean Curd Festival.
Yeah, you read that right. The BEAN CURD Festival. Now don’t get me wrong-I love me some soymilk (I’m one of the many slightly lactose intolerant Asians-yay!), spicy bean curd chicken, and agedashi tofu, but I never realized there was a whole festival in China devoted to it. Or that Chinese ELFs would be so lucky as to have the likes of Super Junior M hold their debut LIVE performance of their brand spanking new single at said soy-fest.

The boys even had a bit of refreshing soymilk after they finished their “shupa” energetic routine. And on a totally random note, because I’ve never tried doing it, but does soymilk leave mustaches?
“Supergirl” followed by a sip of soymilk:

Talking about their favorite tofu dishes:

A little more tofu talk and “At Least I Still Have You”:

Sorry for the low quality vids and lack of subtitles. Here’s a little something to make up for it in the meantime-CHEERS! (Now I want some chocolate soymilk…)

cr: seoulbeats
Video credits: mui7

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