[NEWS] Wonder Girls Live Chat Transcript Recap!

Today from exactly 7pm-8pm New York time, the Wonder Girls had a live webchat with their fans. It was too cute! Want to know what they talked about?

The set up:

The girls were in a small room in the JYPE offices in midtown Manhattan. (Psst…same offices that 2PM “Hottest” fans have plastered with sticky notes protesting Jaebeom’s recent departure from the boy band.) The room was too small to notice anything more than a giant Wonder Girls poster on the wall facing the webcam.

Yubin, Sunye (Sun), and Ye-eun (Yenny) lead the chat with fans, while Sohee and Sunmi (Mimi) sat in the back and didn’t participate as much. The chat was mostly in English, so that might have had something to do with who talked more. Poor Sohee was SO QUIET!! I think she was totally bored, but she stayed for the whole hour and chimed in on the songs (more on that below) and was a really good sport. Mimi whiled away the time drawing on a whiteboard. She’s pretty good! Cute cartoon flowers and a sad-face “bye” were the only two she showed the audience…but I’m sure she was drawing (and erasing) more.

Anyway, people IM-ed the questions and here are a few of the answers:

Q: Who’s your favorite Jonas brother?
A: KEVIN!! [They were giggling like mad, but Kevin seemed to be the lucky Jonas most of them liked.]

Q: What’s your favorite lollipop flavor?
A: [After much discussion] Yogurt flavor!

Q: Did you watch the MTV VMAs?
A: Yes!

A: Yenny — “a cheesecake my fan gave me” with [inaudible] brown [inaudible]. [Chocolate chip cheesecake, maybe?]

Anyway, most of the questions were about favorite candy, sweets, etc., but someone asked Yubin about her most embarrassing moment. The girls all died laughing and actually told us!

They took turns telling the story:

Apparently they take off all their makeup and undo those tight hairstyles when they get on the tour bus to get from one city to the next on tour. So they get to some city, and walk into the hotel looking tired and ratty (hard to picture, right?) and Yubin heads for the elevator. She was in it, with no makeup and crazy hair, when suddenly a Jonas brother walked in. Not sure if that’s the first time they met, but she was totally embarrassed and her cheeks went pink while the others told the story.

Other awesome Wonder Girl Live Webchat moments? When a fan requested “Nobody” they sang it to the fan. So adorbs! Like:

I want nobody, nobody but Jennifer [clap clap, clap]

Nobody, nobody but Jennifer

Srsly! They also sang happy birthday to a fan named Christopher (lucky basterd!), and talked to a fan in Ohio who called in over the phone (not sure how that happened, didn’t see a phone # anywhere)…the fan sang “Nobody” over the phoneline to the WonderGirls, who clapped along! Too cute.

They also got A LOT of hilariously weird/rude questions. A sampling:

Q: How much do you weigh?

Q: Would you rather shave your head bald, or wear black forever?

Q: Sohee, how many showers do you take in a week?

Yubin started reading that last one out loud, but we heard Sun say “no! not that one!’ and stop her. Smart move, cuz really, wtf? They also got a lot of marriage proposals. The questions got so ridiculous, at one point they pulled out a Magic 8-Ball and started answering the questions according to what the 8-Ball said. Pretty perfect move, no?

Fans from the Philippines, Brazil, Korea, and the Middle East all wrote in their questions, and the WGs tried to answer as many as possible with good humored fun. They were lively, giggly, and most of all, real. They stayed the full hour, never got impatient, and in the last minute said by to as many fans as possible, cramming in as many names as they could read off the IM stream.

They were so cute and awesome. Who can resist the Wonder Girls? Nobody.

Source: MTV Iggy + KPOP JJANG

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