[news] SHINee’s Q&A at Osaka Live Fan Meeting

Q1 If you were a girl, which member would you date?
Taemin said himself because he can dance and is the youngest.
Key also said himself because he wants to date someone similar to himself.
Onew said Taemin because Taem is similar to his type and his athletic skills are good. After his speech, he told everyone not to misunderstand.
Jonghyun said himself.
Minho said Taemin because he’s cute and young.

Q2 The one that likes to make jokes/gags is?
All answered Onew.

Q3 Who’s the coward/scaredy cat?
Taemin, because he’s afraid of bugs.
Key said if a bug appears during a live performance, Taemin stops dancing.

Q4 Member with the best Japanese?
Key! The best because he often watches japanese dramas and follows JPOP.

Q5 The most vain?
Minho, because he seems to love cleaning.
(Not sure if the question is asking who is the most vain or loves to clean)

Q6 Who walks the fastest?

Q7 Worst sleeping habits?
Other than Taemin who picked Onew, everyone else said Jonghyun because Jonghyun sleep talks.
Onew runs onto Taemin’s bed and gives Taemin a scare.

Q8 Biggest feet?
Key, then Minho.

Taemin’s ideal girl?
Taemin: Cute, smart, good skin, gentle, close to my age

Jonghyun’s favourite manga?
Jonghyun: Inuyasha, Naruto, Bleach, Dragonball, One Piece, and one that he especially likes is Slam Dunk. The other members also really love Slam Dunk.

Minho’s favourite Japanese artists?
Minho: Arashi and KAT-TUN

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    aww taeminnie is popular among his own hyungs,..... shinee jjiang!!!!

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