[news] The YG Fam Gets New Digs; Also, G-Dragon in Tinfoil

YG seems to be the only music conglomerate not drowning in a sea of controversy these days (oop, now I’ve jinxed them). In fact, by all appearances, they’re doing quite well for themselves. YGTV has given the company some added exposure and familiarity with fans, and big cash cows G-Dragon and 2NE1 are breaking records left and right. So what to do with all that money made on the backs of overworked young men and women?

Redesign your crib, baby! The new YG tower is located in Mapo-gu, Hapjung-dong, with 8 floors, 7 above ground and 1 underground. Construction started in June of 2008, and while the outside is finished, the interior has yet to be worked on. This sexy new spot is said to be Yang Hyun Seok’s very own Fortress of Solitude.

Nice, huh?
Changing gears just a bit, G-Dragon is number one again, and his theme for his Music Bank performance is tinfoil, shiny things everywhere! To be honest, I had no idea what to think or expect from G-Dragon upon his solo debut; I thought he had went crazy for awhile. Heck, maybe he still is.

But with every performance, every iteration of “Heartbreaker”, something there has struck a chord with me. Something within his crazy, androgynous, emo, misunderstood artist of a mind. I’ll watch one of his performances and just think, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful he just morphed into David Bowie?”

The Korean David Bowie. If this is what we have to look forward to, I’ll keep watching.


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  1. Safyah says:

    lol. funny how u describe him. i think hes gone crazy too haha.. dont know much about David Bowie though, jsut that hes a musician... anyway thanks for sharing! and yeah the building looks amazing! lucky people being able to work inside it haha

  2. Anonymous says:

    YG family ah gogogo
    love this family..!!!

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