[news] Yunho Plays the Kissing Game

Yunho Plays the Kissing Game

Posted by Ashe in News Beat on Sep 4th, 2009 | 3 responses

Man, those Dong Bang Shin Ki guys are stone cold rebels. First, they file suit against the mighty SM, now they dare fraternize with the opposite sex? Jaejoong was technically first with his acting foray in “Heaven’s Postman,” but appears that Yunho is next in line to experience the joys of male/female interaction.

In his new drama, Heading to the Ground, Yunho locks lips with the lovely Lee Yoon Ji. With all the action these guys have been getting in the drama realm, it’s a wonder they want to resume singing activities at all. I bet you were just as excited as can be, right U-Know?

“Felt very nervous before (kissing scene). Of all my previous variety program, I had never touched someone else’s lips, therefore I was unable to sleep. But everything went smoothly after the guide/helps from YoonJi Noona.”
Poor thing. But don’t worry – it gets easier the more you practice. And what did the “kissee” Yoon Ji take away from the experience?
“Because Yunho fans always surrounded the filming location, therefore I had to try my best to complete the kissing scene speedily.”
This comment initiated laughter at the press conference, but deep down, those people know she was serious. Well, I hope Yoon Ji has an experienced bodyguard on hand. *Sniffle* Our boys are growing up so fast.

cr, translation: sshutingg@OneTVXQ.com

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  1. d'petals says:

    hahaha...onni, its ok..
    its 4 work, u must b profesional..
    fans should undewrstnd ths(^_^)
    i'm his no1 fan!!! i'll support him no matter wht..

  2. Anonymous says:

    kangin would be dead...hahaha...yunho too!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    um, it was technically micky who had the first onscreen kiss in 'dating on earth'. it was shelved by sm b/c mirotic was abotu to be released and they didnt want a backlash fromt the cassies xxxx

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