[news] Netizens say, “I want to be with Nich Khun on a stranded island”

Who would you be like to be with on a stranded island?

Well it seems like most of the netizens commented that they want to be with the “beast idol star” 2PM’s Nich Khun.

There had been a recent polling asking many netizens “who would you choose to be with if you had been stranded on a island?” The result was the idol star 2PM Nich Khun with 45% of the votes. Here is how the polling went :

1. 2PM’s Nich Khun - 45%
2. Big Bang G-Dragon – 25%
3. SS501 Kim HyunJoong – 12%
4. Super Junior LeeTeuk – 10%
5. Shinee JongHyun – 8%

Source: sookyeong

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I like it better if it was me stranded with all of them!

  2. Liqin says:

    Nichkhun is totally cute and hot! LOL.
    No wonder this is the result.. You can stare at him for 24hrs if you're stranded in the island with him! :P

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