[Updated with Video]KARA-Shinee headlines Thai-Korea Friendship Concert!

The first Thai-Korea concert will happen this September 17 with groups Shinee, KARA, and Ryan, who is currently promoting his solo track.

This concert is the culminating activitity of TEE - Thailand Entertainment Expo, which will happen in Bangkok's Parc Paragon. To commemorate this event, popular singers of both countries will be performing in this concert. Among them will be Shinee, who is becoming popular all over Asia, KARA, who will be in Thailand for the first time, and Ryan from the group Paran. From Thailand, the duo Golf and Mike, Namcha and Ice.

The concert will be broadcast in Thailand's True Vision.

thanks to mae@KARAholic
translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG!.. KARA is coming to BKK.

  2. Anonymous says:

    u guys will see that Amber and Ice look alike

  3. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!!! I can't wait for KARA !!!!

  4. woooh~! SHINee is very famous here in the philippines.!! pls come here w/ other SM town groups.!!! wooh~! also KARA.!! pls pls pls.!!

    SHINee & KARA hwaiting.!!

  5. Anonymous says:


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