[NEWS]Lee Si-young responds to detractors!

Lee Shi-young seems like a strong person with a sense of perspective, and she has once again surprised people with her frank response to her critics. The actress who rose to fame through her role in Boys Before Flowers, followed by her stint on We Got Married with now-ex-boyfriend Jun Jin, has encountered a bit of netizen negativity in her still-new career. I wouldn’t say her anti’s are especially harsh, but she’s been criticized for anything from plastic surgery (which she openly admits) to her age scandal (she debuted somewhat late and had listed her age as 25 when it was in fact 27).

At the recent open set day for her new action movie Hong Gil Dong’s Descendants, Lee Shi-young explained that her response to online negativity is to laugh: “If I get angry, I write back, ‘Worry about yourself instead.’”

She has also been refreshingly candid about her breakup with Jun Jin, saying, “Everything that has been reported in the news is true, so it doesn’t stress me out. I’ve dreamed of being an actress for a long time and the path I have to take is clear, so those reports don’t affect my spirits, and I’m not bothered about negative comments.”

I think Lee Shi-young shows promise as an actor, so it’s nice to see her focusing on the work and not getting caught up in the white noise of celebrity life. She said she is very happy to have dramas and film projects to work on, “and I’d love it if I could keep working like I did this year. I want my acting to be judged based on my skills.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    woah haha i like her

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, anti-fans don't have a right to criticize other people's actions when it is not harming others. Their criticism serves no constructive purpose. Plastic surgery is a choice of the individual and doesn't involve others. What is the point of wearing nice clothes and makeup if you criticize other methods of beautifying? What makes one form of improving your looks acceptable than another? They all involve only the individual, no other person is being brainwashed to see you as beautiful.

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