[Audio] A teaser to SHINee's latest hit song!

A preview from SHINee’s upcoming album ‘2009, Year of Us’ has been released online today. The title of the song is still an unknown.

Jong Hyun's album jacket has been released earlier today and his hairstyle changed drastically.

Anyway,for now,please listen to the teaser and tell us what do you think about their latest hit song.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    wow, i think its an improvement, but I hope the song is not repetitive, that would totally kill it. But I'm excited to hear the full song since it sounds really nice and smooth.

  3. it just a teaser but i am replayin it lyk 100000000 tyms in youtube...o opned my laptop in 6:00pm and it now 11:51pm I am only listenin to SHINee's new song in youtube only!!! god shinee is gettin into me more and more....!!!

    nth can stop me from loving uuuu shinee!!!!

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