[news] Lee Yoonji, "I believe that Kangin will overcome this incident well"

Actress/MC Lee Yoonji has said something to cheer Super Junior Kangin up after his assault incident.

Lee Yoonji said on an interview on October 8th that "I dont know the detail of the story behind, also I'm not in Kangin's position at that time so I cant say anything about this incident" and "I hope that this incident can be settled as soon as possible and I believe that Kangin himself can overcome quickly"

She also said "Kangin is like a trustworthy friend to me. He's friendly, affable, he has many good side" thus talking about Kangin's good point.

Lee Yoonji and Kangin had been a make-believe couple in MBC show "We got married" from last year until early this year. Lee Yoonji said about her make-believe husband Kangin "Although (Kangin) is a trustworthy and good friend but he calculated so much when it comes to man's duty/work (she means Kangin is quite lazy when doing man's work in the house) . The girl who will become his real wife in the future should consider this side" and laughed.

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