[me2day] f(x) Sulli me2day [Say Cheese, SM Family!!!!]

“We took this picture at the waiting room of the Dream Concert with Heechul sunbaenim and SHINee sunbaenim. I gained a lot of strength from the support of Heechul sunbaenim, whom I really like. Hehe, just like Heechul sunbaenim said, I will become a nice Sulli who listens to leader Vic(toria) unni well~^^!” Also, 1st place is reserved for SHINee sunbaenim’s “Ring Ding Dong“~!><”

cr pic:sapphirepearls
cr trans : allkpop

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  1. Anonymous says:

    heechul has grown to his dongsaengs!~ dun 4get ur eternal home super junior too! LOLS

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