[News] As Kara became Chuseok-dol "Dancing with a fresh face? Honestly embarrassing, embarrassing"

Kara expressed their happiness of being called a chuseok idol.

On the 9th, Kara spilled their feelings about the holidays before going on stage at Seoul, KBS Hole filming for KBS 2TV 'Music Bank'. During Chuseok, Kara participated on various specials, and as a result received explosive popularity. As Kara kept participating in holiday specials from last year, they even received the nickname 'Holiday Idols'.

Kara leader Park Gyuri says, "I honestly didn't know it would become such a topic" and "While watching the broadbast, 'are those idols really just like us?', and people were amazed" she revealed. She continued "I felt the response would be good. I felt great" and laughed.

Han Seungyeon said "Because there were many things to prepare for the special programs, it was also true our bodies were tired", she continued "During a certain program, the choreography for it was even decided just the night before" as she reminisced. "But because the response was well enough to match our hard work, it felt great. We will continue to be a Kara that always does their best" she said.

While being called 'Goosain Bolt', being remembered as a Chuseok hot code, Goo Hara said "During the holidays, hearing people enjoyed themselves from watching us made me proud" and "I think it was important to show our true selves as we are. We will be a Kara that won't forget our true selves" she revealed.

Nicole also said, "I didn't know we would receive such love during chuseok. Hearing about it later made me surprised" and "Because of the dark circles, it was very embarrassing to reveal our faces.. But I'm thankful because there were so many people who saw it as pretty" she said.

Maknae Kang Jiyoung said, "I was surprised they would air myself snoring during a special program. I thought it would be cut out.." she continued "As I gathered my entire family in front of the TV very proudlike, only to see the first scene of myself was snoring. It was embarrassing" as she chatterred on. She also said, "I was really worried. My fresh face would obviously be something already shown here and there, and for a while I couldn't lift my head" she continued "But because there were alot of people who saw it as pretty, I fell relieved" as she laughed brightly.

source: newsen
trans: thebuddybud @ karaholic.com

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