[news] Exclusive interview with SHINee: away with cuteness, new album’s all about manliness

Due to release their newest mini-album on the 19th this month, SHINee recently accepted an exclusive interview with SOHU Korea. This is the second meeting between SOHU and SHINee, since the last interview in September 2008, and one year was all it took for the five boys to mature and shed the cute image they had during their debut days.

When talking about the soon-to-be released mini-album, members said: “We’ll show off a more mature, manly kind of style.”

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SHINee: (Bows) Hello everyone, we’re SHINee!

SOHU: This is the second time interviewing SHINee since the Shanghai stop of the SMTOWN concert last year in September. Has everyone’s Chinese improved since then? Can you guys show off what you’ve learnt, then?

Jonghyun: Then, let’s say whatever Chinese words that are appearing in our minds right now!

Onew: Hmmm… For me, I’ll almost always think of “I Love You” first.

Jonghyun: Ah, you seem to keep repeating that.

Onew: Then what are you thinking of?

Jonghyun: (Chinese) 我想你 I miss you. It means that I miss everyone. Then… how about Key?

Key: (Chinese) 你很漂亮 You are pretty. It means “pretty”, right?

Jonghyun: Ah, it means pretty? (Turns to Key) You’re very pretty.

Taemin: As for me, because I really want to go to China… (Chinese) 我想去中國 “I want to go to China”.

Jonghyun: Ah, wanting to go to China! (Everybody joins in)

Minho: Me…

Jonghyun: You wouldn’t say stuff like “I’m hungry”, or anything like that, would you?

Minho: No, no, that’d be too direct. (Chinese) 請支持我們 “Please support us”.

Jonghyun: And that’s what we’ve learnt.

SOHU: Now what everyone’s most concerned about is the soon-to-be-released mini-album. Can you guys tell us about the concept? From your images to the styles of the songs, will they be more mature?

Jonghyun: For this mini-album, all of us will undergo a huge change, and show everyone sides of us that haven’t been seen before. So please anticipate it, everyone. And Onew will tell us about the concept this time round, just to reveal a tiny bit.

Onew: For the songs this time round, the vocal ranges will be lowered just a little, and the choreography of the dance will help to show off our stylish and cool sides, along with the melody of the song. So everyone, just have a little more patience and wait a little more, please!

Jonghyun: We’re manlier this time, that should be it.

Key: Also, we hear that our ROMEO album is going to be released for sale soon in China, so please support us.

SOHU: You guys have lots of fans in Mainland China, and recently you’ve been to Taiwan for promotional activities as well. Have you guys ever thought of returning to China another time, to meet with your fans again?

Jonghyun: Definitely, if we have the time and the opportunity. We really wish to be able to travel to different countries and areas to meet our international fans. And every time we manage to do so, we get to experience their passion and energy, and we’ll be really happy and gain lots of strength from our fans too.

Onew: We’ve been on promotional activities in Taiwan, Thailand and Japan, and we’ve been thinking of China, so we hope to go back someday.

SOHU: Fans have been saying, SHINee is really good-looking, but they’re too thin, and they worry for your health. How do you guys usually keep healthy?

Jonghyun: We get our strength from rice, usually, right? (Everyone laughs) When you get full from eating rice, you’ll be healthy.

Taemin: We have our proper three meals everyday, and we don’t snack either. Thank you everyone for your concern.

Jonghyun: That’s true, and we have sufficient rest as well. When we have time, we’ll chat and having this type of healthy mindset, is the key to having good health, right?

SOHU: The photobook shoots in New Zealand were very stylish indeed. Were there any funny incidents during the trip there?

Jonghyun: We spent a week in New Zealand, and experienced the local culture there. Onew, what was the thing that left the deepest impression on you?

Onew: It has to be the food; I remember the seafood there so well…

Jonghyun: Yes yes, it was really delicious. Key?

Key: The New Zealand landscape was really special, so to me it was more than enough that I had the chance to go there. And we took the chance to rest as well.

Jonghyun: Uh huh, what about Minho?

Minho: The scenery of New Zealand was eye opening for me, and ever since we returned I’ve started to like sleeping early because of the jetlag and time difference.

SOHU: Ever since SHINee’s debut, you guys have been really fashionable. Are there any fashion tips you want to share?

Jonghyun: Ah… Key will answer this question!

Key: If you have to talk about the secret to being fashionable, our album concepts actually influence our personal dressing styles. Like we wore lots of accessories for the JULIETTE concept, so I wear lots of trinkets and stuff when I dress for going out too.

Jonghyun: Uh huh, it does seem to be so.

Key: And if I don’t wear so many accessories, I’d feel like my arm’s really empty and there’s no sense of style at all. (Raises his hand up) For example, I’m only wearing two bands now, and I feel that they aren’t enough. Maybe it’s the lingering influence from our previous concept, so I really feel that our concepts influence our personal tastes in fashion.

SOHU: Members of idol groups have been setting foot in the acting industry recently. Do the members of SHINee have any plans to act as well?

Jonghyun: Our Taemin has already taken on that challenge!

Taemin: I’ve acted in the sitcom [Taehee Hyekyo Jihyun], and although it was just for a short period of time, but I still managed to learn more about acting, and got new experience as well. I’ve learnt so much from the acting sunbaes. If there are opportunities, the members of SHINee will do their best to try out acting as well.

SOHU: Lastly, say hi to your fans in China!

Onew: We’ll be coming back with our third mini-album very, very soon, at the end of October, and our albums will also start to be sold in China, so please support SHINee like always, thank you very much! (Bows)

SHINee: We’re shining SHINee, thank you everyone! (Everyone bows together)

Taemin I don't believe you, lol. And Jonghyun you talk so much ♥

Source: korea.sohu
Translated by: hazel @ http://asianfanatics.net / theretroradio @ lj
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