[news] Onew’s concept photos released

Onew’s concept photos are released and, with this, we have 2 more members to go. It is not only Taemin that looks grown up, even Onew looks like a man also. He’s sporting the soft image with the eye-catch short hair style.

It is said that Onew is going to have a solo in this album and the song will be in the alternative-rock genre. That is quite interesting to hear, not only that Onew very well deserves the solo but how an alternative rock songwould fit into the album.


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  1. Ooo, Onew definitely has this dangerous aura around him . No more cutie Onew

  2. Anonymous says:

    sexy dubu, i want...

  3. lol I agree at first comment he is no more cute!! but SURLY a HOT and SEXY guy!!!

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