[video] f(x) Releases Making of "Chocolate Love" MV

After releasing their "Chocolate Love" CF for Cyon's new Chocolate cellular phone, f(x) reveals a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of their "Chocolate Love" MV.

The video allows fans to view the different settings that will be used and I must say, it looks like pretty good eye-candy so far, especially the red balloon room. But mainly, the video focuses on the girls working hard through their dancing and bit of acting. This phone must be pretty good because throughout the video it shows the girls constantly playing with it on breaks. Also, during a shot, (from 2:27-2:52), it actually looks like the girls are truly fascinated by the phone. Check out the vid below!:

credits: 3N4CH05 @ omgkpop

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  1. Anonymous says:

    SNSD's Making of the MV is out too!! =)
    Keke Can't wait til both MVs are out!!

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