[video] Onew solo feat Kim Yeon Woo, 'The One I Loved' Teaser

Onew's concept photo's were just released earlier and you got to say the man looks good. Looking more mature and a cleaner haircut, Onew sure grew up in the short months after their juliette promotions.

Not long after, the teaser for Onew's solo song with a featured artist for their third mini album "2009: the year of us" has been released and as expected of Onew the teaser sounded very ballad and soft.

Onew is known for his powerful voice and awesome vocals in the group and in this teaser it clearly shows. Its very soft and mellow, a song for the heart. With all these teasers for their mini album im pretty sure everyones getting excited every single day!

Cant wait till their comeback on the 19th of October. Stay tuned for the release of the concept photo's of the rest of the members of SHINee and the rest of the teasers to their songs in their new mini album.

Blueprincess@ DKP

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  1. inoshishi says:

    omg~ this song is sooo nice~

  2. Anonymous says:

    ONEW , i almost cry hearing this/

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