Donghae: "I've scolded Jonghyun because of his manners."

source: soompi
Translations by stalkingfraud @ soompi

Super Junior Donghae revealed the time when he had to scold Jonghyun.

Donghae and Sungmin talked about SHINee before debut (and now) on MBC Every1 Flower Boy's Generation. SHINee was known to greet their sunbaes before debut and even now with full manners but ever since SHINee's 'Repackaged Album' came out, Jonghyun's greeting changed a bit. Donghae couldn't do anything but to scold him. Donghae said because they're in the same company and they're very close, it didn't bother him but he was worried what other sunbaes would think if Jonghyun greeted this way. He revealed that he didn't want others/sunbaes to think bad of Jonghyun.

Flower Boy's Generation will air on the 11th.

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  1. Minako says:

    Donghae is a caring hyung ^^

  2. Anonymous says:

    Uh, what did JongHyun do?

  3. my gosh ... Jonghyun was sooo bad,
    i'm dissapointed with him...

  4. Anonymous says:

    gosh oppa why are u bad like that..

  5. im glad he scolded jonghyun..
    he's caring and is very cncern about his dongsaeng's's the least that he cud do
    jonghyun shud no better than to ill-manneredly greet his hyungs..
    hopefully he noes where he stands

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