[news] Kibum casted in “Jumunjin”

“4th dimension girl” Hwang Bora & Suju’s Kim Kibum have been casted in the movie “Jumunjin”*

Those two had acted together in MBC sitcom “Rainbow romance” back then in 2005 and now they get back together in this movie. A person in charge said that “We will sign the contract with them within this week” and “The filming will be started in this month”.

“Jumujin” is a movie of great director Ha Myeongjoong. The movie was planned to film last year and released in this summer, however, because of some problems, it had been delayed until now. The movie is about a love story between 3 people who live in Jumujin, but there will be some modification in the plot because of the filming delay.

* 주문진 (Jumunjin) is name of a beach in Korea.

translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

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