[news] Super Junior M is topping the charts with Super Girl!

Suprising? no, i dont think so. I was already expecting this. The moment i heard the song i already knew it was going to be an instant hit!

Super Junior M's title song off their mini album is topping various chinese online charts and it just goes to show how talented these boys are! Their star is certainly on the rise. Cpop fans are not the only ones enjoying their mini album but fans from Korea and other parts of Asia are enjoying it too!

Super Girl is indeed a chart topping song. with the catchy beat and special appearance from Jessica of SNSD, fans cant help it but like the song even more. Super Junior M is to release their full album sometime later this year because of limited time they had to release their mini album instead of a full album this month.

Excited? I sure am!

credit: www.g-music.com.tw, baidu/ Blue`Princez@SJ-WORLD.NET (pictures)

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  1. Tvxq4everLove says:

    YAY! I knew it!
    I LOVE SHUPA GAL!!! And I'm chinese ^^
    Sica was GorJess! And the dance is awesome!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    gogogogogo super junior m...kkkkk

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yea. I know it will happen too. Haha. Suju jjang!! ^^

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