[pictures] Super Junior-M Tasty SEMIR Winter Ads

Super Junior M... being back after a year of hiatus released just recently their mini album and to much delight the songs were awesome and pleasing to the ears! But thats not all.. They had a photoshoot for SEMIR Winter ads and no questions asked theyr looking good. It's nice to see more of super junior's sub groups especially super junior M which has 2 members who are not part of Super Junior.

The photoshoot was indeed tasty and the pictures are nothing but eye candy!!! They are dressed well and are charming beyond words. Henry Lau have indeed matured more from before, all super junior m members pointed at him when asked who changed the most in the group. Changes are good and it shows! Zhou Mi have grown too.

Its nice to see more of super junior M and henry lau and zhou mi getting limelights. I hope for more photoshoots and CF's from super junior M and for the success of their mini album. Not only are they a big hit in China but they are also much anticipated and sought for in Korea and Taiwan!

More power to Super Junior M!

Credit: 16candl3s @ sj-world.net (pictures)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cute pictures. SUJU M, FIGHTING! Thanks for posting this up(:

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