[picture] Another SHINee concept photo?

Looks like it. SHINee that is set to come back this week on music bank and release the music video for their title song "ring ding dong" from their third mini album "2009: year of us" has been captivating us with the release of each of their members new looks and concept photos.

This picture could be a scene from their music video that is to be released today or could be for something else but hey! its SHINee. The neon colors sure have bid farewell since it has been changed by hardcore leather and black jeans. Is it me or does Minho looks like a biker from the old days? with the long hair and that frown, or maybe not.

They sure looked WAY different just a few months ago with their juliette promotions. We all just have to wait and see. Their music video will be released today so brace yourselves!

credits: shakizi.com for the picture; Blueprincess824 @ DKP

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