[picture] Who is this idol favorite caught wearing the traditional Korean bridal dress?

These "romantic" pictures were taken during the production of Here comes the green team variety program from KBS wich will be aired on the 25th of October. Here comes the green team has newly casted idol stars from idol groups namely Junho from 2pm, Minho from SHINee and Song Joong-ki.

Not quite what you were expecting? cant help but laugh by these pictures. Still, even if it seems wrong you cant admire how cute and good looking minho is from that picture! despite that he is being the "wife" and his err her husband is Lee Wan which is Kim Tae Hee's little brother.

Even Super Junior's very own Eunhyuk and friend of SHINee was even there to witness this once in a lifetime event! Who would miss seeing minho get married and be the bride in this marriage? i bet Eunhyuk is having a hard time controlling his laughter!

Perfect couple? Im not even going there. This is sure something interesting and something to look out for. Watch out for the episode to be aired on the 25th on KBS.

Blueprincess824 @ DKP

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  1. wa minho mine fav....idol!! lookin so KYUT!! with smile..love u!!

  2. justbummie09 says:

    :D min ho LMAO uber funny..............

  3. omo.!! did they really kiss.??? O.O

  4. Anonymous says:

    i love minho and eunhyuk!!

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